Monday, March 31, 2014

Melbourne International Garden Show - Part 2 - Flowers.

More pictures, some from the from the garden displays, some from the stalls and others from the indoor display in the actual Exhibition buildings, we didn't spend too long indoors, as beautiful as flower arranging is it isn't something I can acheive easily so doesn't interest me quiet as much.  But I did appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

Outside Tesselaars. Yes I did buy some bulbs....

I love this colour.

Not so sure if these were scented didn't think I should check!

Pretty Gerbera's.

I think I like Tulips even better when they are slightly open showing their little black insides.

Dahlia's at the base.

These Orchids took me back 32 years old when I was a child flying on Thai Airlines.

I swear this one has a face and is smiling at me! Can you see it?

So much vibrancy!


  1. Oh! I can literay smell those beautiful flowers! I love flowers (hubby prefers green stuff unfortunately). I always dreamt of having a beautiful cottage garden with lots of flowers. I just don;t live in the right climate for it (and with the wrong hubby for that matter ;-))
    Thanks for sharing those stunning pics!

  2. How stunning! I have a Tessalar catalogue sitting here, so wanting to buy lots of bulbs but we plan to order more fruit trees soon so might just have to wait until next year for the bulbs. I wish I'd gone to the flower show now, everything looks so beautiful!

  3. LOVE your photos - you could print a catalogue yourself! Thanks for your comment on my blog - what are your cats up to? Or have you posted something about them on DTE? I'll pop over there for a look.