Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open Garden - No.5

I loved this garden the most out of all of them.  It was set on 1 acre in East Ballarat as we drove down a small street with small houses I did wonder what was in store for us we got to the end and the block was much larger than the surrounding blocks.

This garden I loved the most out of all, it was a delight to walk around.

Please enjoy!

Please excuse the kids, they like to be in pictures!
My children commented this place was like a mini Sovreign Hill and I had to agree.

There were little fences everywhere one I was particularly struck with was made from sliced trees not much else done to it but it looked great.

I think it was the texture I loved about it.

I like the combination on the side of this shed of wood and tin.

The boys found some ants....and counted to report back to Helen.

The they found a basketball court and ball and were kept occupied while I could peruse the plants.

A simple and functional fire pit cooking area.

A little re-enactment shack of life when there were no mod cons!

What a great up cycling of old wire doors.

Yes, that is a vineyard at the back there, I felt for a minute I was in Tuscany!

I love rusty machinery!  I love rusty anything!

An Emu, someone is very clever at making things!

A peaceful water feature.

A very pretty part of the garden.

Oh dear the scarecrow is scary as he's following the wrong footy team!!

My little garden buddy.

I really enjoyed this garden, there was a plant sale on, I wish I had my dry garden bed at the ready for planting.  Also jams and preserves for sale.  We brought a jar of plum jam which is delicious I would take a picture but not only have we opened it but 1/4 is eaten.  :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Garden - No. 4 - The old curiosity house

Well curious this place certainly is and now just looking at houses with my middle child  as we had dropped our friend off and lucky too as the terain here was narrow steep and in no way could be negotiated with crutches or a wheelchair!

The old curiosity house was started in around 1863 by a man who really liked to stick shells, crockery and all sorts of stuff onto his home,  it's interesting and very different to anything I've ever seen in my life!!

This is so me!!!

This not so much....but colourful!

This one reminded me of a friends poppies.

This sort of stuff everywhere.  No tv or good books back in the day!

Lovely! Simple.

I want one of these for a special area in my garden.  I want to be crafty enough to make it! I want the impossible!! I like a challenge.   :)

The side of the house, pretty much all looks like this.   

Tin hearts, my heart feels a bit tinny today in fact!

Buzzy buzzzy!

New shoes anyone??

Of course you shall need a matching bag....

Hold tight because I have saved the best for last.....stayed tuned for garden number 5. A stunner!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Open gardens - Garden No. 3

This lovely garden was located in Ballarat North in an area of older homes, with the original home being  next door, I did try and have a good look at that as we walked up the driveway.  This place is owned by an artist and the front was quite large with a steep incline to the rear yard which housed a small garden  little veggie patch and the adorable and functional artists studio I've ever seen!

Beautiful stone sculpture.

The backyard - note the veggie garden is tucked in behind the flowers.  There was also a pottage garden element to this one, I noted the odd vegetable slotted in with the general garden.

The veggie garden and back of the house, this is not the original house for the block that is a brick mansion next door, I would estimate this was built maybe 40-50's. The brick original would have been built 1800's I would think.

The side of the studio, it was built so well, I would have liked to have asked the owner if he built it but it was getting crowded at the entrance as we left so no opportunity to do so.

How cool would this be on a hot day? There was a nice wood heater in there for our more usual cold weather here.

Simple, elegant and stylish what's more most likely built with left over slate from the studio - love it!

This was out the front travelling up the drive, my fine friend had moved on to crutches by then we should have stopped here to give her some breath back!

 Beautiful friend to greet us out the back, my guess a Lilac Burmese but I am no cat expert.  The other cat was locked indoors a fine looking Chocolate point. My son adored this fellow.

Open Gardens - Garden 2

The next garden was actually at the Ballarat Special School and today at the 5th Garden, I met the designer of this special garden. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps a nudge for me to get back to what I truly love and want to do more of.  She gave me her card....

My special friend who was wheelchair bound from a foot operation and this was her first venture out! I feared it would be too much and she would be tired.  I think we probably both had a nap when we got home, I did.....  :) My middle son did some wheelchair pushing he will have some muscles now, good for him I think! And my special friend taught him a new thumb game at lunch and gave him a cutting of a plant for his little lolly tin. He couldn't wait to plant it up. 

This area had 2 large Daphne plants, guess who wants to return in Winter to work the olfactory muscles?? I love the red and green Maples though the contrast together is awesome.

 We couldn't quite get the wheelchair in this area, lovely new part of the gardens.

Statice, very vibrant!

This garden took us awhile to get around, there was a cafe in the complex and we needed sustenance!
So folks if you are looking for an excellent cafe with delicious food, cakes, slices and coffee look no further than The Special School, Gillies Street, Lake Gardens, next to the high school.  They serve coffee and cake weekdays between 10-2pm. Food was spectacular! And on to the next garden....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Open Gardens - Lake gardens - garden 1.

This week our town hosted 5 open gardens.  I went to a few on the first day then the rest the following day.  I went with a friend and took my middle child, he loved it! I have gained so much inspiration from these wonderful, peaceful and serene places. Hope you enjoy the pictures...

This beautiful garden in Lake Gardens was very orderly and neat on a small block with some gorgeous artwork and glass pieces made by the owners son, for a look at this clever mans work visit;
www.jamesmcmurtrie.com he a glass artist and his work is one of a kind spectacular.

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