Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garden of St.Erth

Today I took some time off work, after many phone calls to clients to let them know I wasn't working and took my youngest two children to the Garden of St.Erth.
My eldest would not come with me, I realised I have now partially lost him to these sort of family events, so it was a bittersweet day really.

This is homestead that is part of the Diggers gardens, it has the most magnificent garden surroundings and I am blessed to know one of the horticulturalists that work there.

Grrr, sorry about the blurred photos must be part of the case on the iPad is over the lense!  

Occasionally you can find a Hellebore that isn't facing downwards.

Or two if you are really lucky.

The boys

I love the drystone walls around the place.

And the beautiful sculptures.

Lovely pond.

I wasn't actually waving, there was a branch in my face.

They grow veggies here too.

Wish I had some of these covers.

An old piece of equipment that I will find the name of.

Best gate ever!

Finished at the cafe....of course!  Look it up if you've not been, it's on Blackwood and part of the diggers club gardens but you don't have to be a member, only $10 to get in and kids free, I cannot wait to return in Spring as I saw many bulbs shooting up.

On the way home we stopped for a lovely bushwalk, I noticed many alarming similarities in my youngest child to my middle one.  I realised I have noticed this before, other family members have told me and I have stuck my head in the sand.  I've been sidetracked with work and my own priorities, I need to fight now and get his assessed and helped or at least start giving this child more of my time.  I won't be posting so much anymore, I need to step back now and try and do something right.


  1. Oh looks wonderful...wish it had worked out for me to go...I will get there...great the gate!

  2. Annie, at the moment and until the end of August it is free for all RACV members so bargain to go, but I will likely go again, it's not that far away.

  3. Hello! I just followed the link from facebook to get here and am glad I did. Such a beautiful place, St Erth. I think the anonymous bit of equipment might be an apple crusher (or possibly a grape crusher), used to mash the fruit before it goes into a press.

  4. Thanks for the tip Sue...maybe we could get there together afterall

  5. Beautiful garden! How lovely that you know someone working on it :) I'd love to see the Diggers gardens one day...

  6. That piece of machinery looks like it might be a root chopper. In the UK and probaby the US/Canada and Continental Europe too, farmers would grow turnips, swedes and mangol wurzels to store as fodder to feed the cattle through winter. They would be stored underground and under straw to protect them from the frosts and snow and when it came time to feed the animals they would start with the turnips, then the swedes and finally the rutabagas and mangols. This machine would slice them up into slivers appropriate for the cattle to eat. I know this as I have a single mangol growing in my garden - an experiment to try growing them for our goat. :) It's just a guess that's what it's for but it sure looks like it is. :)

    1. I shall find out what it is as I know one of the gardeners there, I had no idea so well done, I just love rusty bits of machinery.

  7. Hey Sue, Just came to you blog by way of another blog - How lovely St Erth is, and I too love the gate. Looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa for a good read at your place. Cheers, Barb.

    1. Welcome Barb you look famililar - down to earth forum maybe?