Friday, November 22, 2013

New Arrivals....

Over the past few weeks,we have had some new additions to to the place:

Some lovely new Sussex chickens from my friend and soup bus boss lady Rhonda we got to visit her beautiful property too so a double bonus as the garden is stunning.

Henrietta and Gertrude had a week alone then moved in with no problems at all to the existing flock.

Some of ladies had a few dags I their fluffy Cochin bottoms and wanted a nice bath and boy did they settle down for the experience! They loved it all fell asleep.

This is Henry my Rooster he barely fit in the bath, they all appreciated the spruce up to welcome the new ladies.

2 weeks weeks,after we returned from a trip I went to clean my rabbit out who lives with a desexed buck might I add and found these.....

Genetics never lie, this fellow in the opposite cage looked very pleased with himself and his mum is a Lilac mini lop.  So is one of the kits...

Few weeks on happy little friendly babies.

Inside for their model shots.  Now for families.  I'm a hard person to buy from, I ask a million questions to find the perfect owner.  No, they are not Xmas presents, I look for owners that will make their kit part of the family, perhaps bring indoors a bit - considering they are easier to train in a litter box than a cat it's often very appealing to people. Love it to bits and pet often, make a pen and let play outdoors too, be vigilant for Myxomatosis and Calici. People that don't just buy for their kids entertainment. And will never ever breed from them.  I've found some brilliant owners that adore their pets, I breed maybe once a year max now, if that, those great pet owners are out there, but they are tricky to find! Always get a ton of enquiries but not so many suitable.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've not blogged much of late, I'm trying my new neem spray out typing outdoors as there seem to be mozzies everywhere here! I'm not it's working they are hovering.

It's been a very down fortnight but I've tried to get out of bed and garden when I can then back under the safe doona when it all gets too much. Some days it takes until 4 to get there, it's amazing what can be done before nightfall though.

I did manage to get out and mulch yesterday afternoon when the kids were home to help me.  This is really old mulch and it had gone loamy and rich and was lovely to spread about.

This is the eldest child's  new garden bed and it's newer mulch both look good but I think I shall leave to break down a bit and this one might be a little water repellant.

Some colour, these all died off over Winter so I pruned back and waited am delighted they came back some colour for my chook pen.

This little viola sprung up in the 3 inch grass, I knew moving was imminent so I potted it up some colour for my nursery area.

Eldest also pruned my front garden weeping cherries now I think it looks nice. I love my Lupins.

My little Bonsai is going well I potted up the other week.  Hope it loves water kids are fighting over the watering right now as tanks are full so everything happy in the plant area.

Where I go to sit each day to try and be ok. My canaries sing to me while I try and gather a thought.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Narmbool Open Garden

Today the boys and I went to a lovely open garden on a property now run and owned by Sovreign Hill. It's around 2,000 hectares and the garden I would estimate seems to be on about 10 acres. It was beautiful, we took a picnic and it was an absolute delight to see.

Narmbool is between Clarendon and Elaine. Perhaps it's so large it just is Narmbool and not in any town.

The homestead built in the 1800's.

The herb garden, there was a guy there who was the apothocary man.  He was awfully familiar.  Turned out he was one of my horticulture teachers many years ago!  We chatted as you do.

Lovely sculpture

The side of the house.

Even the grass was spectacular!

Gorgeous colour.

This shed had this massive steel door on it, I'd really like to know why they had such a door.....perhaps for the naughty kids!

This little quaint pot belly stove sat outside the suspicious steel door shed.

There were little sitting spots everywhere!

Unusual creatures everywhere.

I saw a lady mount this for a picture, silly woman, the sides are pointed sharp tin!! She yelped, I laughed!

There was a filtration stream leading down to a dam.

Spot the frog, he is green so it's not easy! But he is there.

There was a name the snail competition - these things were a good 10 feet long! We went for Archibald, Huebert and Annibelle. There were 3 you see.

Wish my Roses looked like the above!

Another clever sculpture.

This property was gifted to the place that owns it now, quiet remarkable, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to see the beauty.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The things we made this weekend

We've had a productive weekend and made lots.

I noticed some Magpies have moved into our paddock and they needed a good source of water.

The old pot was lying around and the bowl was not getting used in my linen closet.  It's basic but functional.

I like to have flowers for my yoga meditation room.  I picked these a different type of Buddleigh just come into flower.  My middle son calls it the cheezel tree....

My youngest cherub is having some trouble sleeping right now, so I made him this to hang above his bed.

Then he decided perhaps we needed more...they are hanging all over the house now! Sadly the bush they came from had to be removed to make way for more retaining wall. 

As hubby pulled apart the wall more and more little rocks were found.  So I made this! Excuse the background rubble - eventually it won't be a building site!

Jordan got into the groove and weeded a garden bed and divided 2 pots of Agapantha's and planted them.  I added the rustic old BBQ plate.

Tonight for dinner I made chicken soup.  It needed something special to go with it so I brought some sourdough bread picked some Rosemary from the garden, I put some Rosemary, some Bawdens Estate extra virgin olive oil - the Frantoio Leccino Kalamata one, a clove of garlic I to the food processor, then wiped over the bread and sprinkled some sea salt on.  

It was delicious!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The growing foods.

It's looking great in the veggie garden this year, my Leeks are doing well, we will have a bumper large crop of Onions I've nearly harvested all the Lettuce and my Spinach/Silverbeet is going manic.  Jordan's Potatos you might remember a post awhile back on those well they are growing fast so we have to keep the soil and straw up to that.

Starting to peak through.

Lovely Lettuce.

Going to have lots and lots of Lemons!

I don't remember planting Leeks but here they are!

Not my favorite food but if the chooks get their eggs into gear I shall make a nice Spinach quiche.

Another 2 months before harvest so these shall be quite large by then.

My grown from seed Corn and Zucchini just went in this week.

Lots of yummy Pears growing!

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