Friday, November 1, 2013

Our school garden working bee

Today I am super proud to be a parent from our school firstly because my kids well 2 of them worked super hard the 3rd came for morning tea, lol, and to be a part of what a large group of parents and teachers achieved today and secondly because so many parents came together as a community to help out in this garden and I don't think I've ever seen so many parents at a working bee in a long time and I think once the other parents see what we have done they will be excited! They will come to the next one!

I've included before and afters as it's hard to imagine how hard we all worked unless you see them. 

Before the orchard.

After, some hard working people weeded and pea strawed the garden.

Little hard to see but this whole bank was planted out with Natives so in 12 months is going to look fantastic.

Some of the tyre garden beds, I think we are waiting to see whether we want to paint them or not, job for another day though, middle and lower tyres have trailing plants in them and these come January I think these will be stunning!

The entrance for parents to see as they walk in.

I'm really not a knome person but the colours they have used are great, I love them now and think the kids will too!


After, simply brilliant!

Our sensory garden.

Weeping Cherry.  This bank is held up by a retaining wall. School council I was told decided no trees for sensory garden.....then we went shopping at Bunnings with school grants.  We had a pot I asked 2 garden assistants about roots, I got my tree :) in a pot but that's ok!

Out the front, what a great idea!!

Mid last year I sat at a parent rep meeting looking out from the old library onto this area where the sensory garden has been built and thought gee this looks barren, what can we do? I was helping with the Environmental team - a bunch of enthusiastic kids, one of which was mine that pretty much looked after the veggie garden, the bins, composting and did some weeding. I wondered about a sensory garden....I had learnt a bit about them when I did my Horticulture training, I had a son who needed one! With the encouragement of another parent rep I wrote a proposal.  It took off, school council said yes, another teacher who has become a friend took over the garden and environmental team and leads it so well, parents got involved and started bringing in plants, grants were applied for and granted and now we have this awesome garden! I think today is my proudest day as a parent in 9 years at the school :). Teachers and classes keep adding to the garden. I've had strangers mention the changes.  I'm excited as gardens just keep on growing....and our school is now a community and I am a proud mummy today.  :)
My kids did me proud. 

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  1. I am also proud, and so pleased that you showed faith in me to make a leap from Lost Property Queen, to Garden Fairy. It was indeed a great day with many achievements and may our gardens continue to grow and flourish.