Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garden of St.Erth

Today I took some time off work, after many phone calls to clients to let them know I wasn't working and took my youngest two children to the Garden of St.Erth.
My eldest would not come with me, I realised I have now partially lost him to these sort of family events, so it was a bittersweet day really.

This is homestead that is part of the Diggers gardens, it has the most magnificent garden surroundings and I am blessed to know one of the horticulturalists that work there.

Grrr, sorry about the blurred photos must be part of the case on the iPad is over the lense!  

Occasionally you can find a Hellebore that isn't facing downwards.

Or two if you are really lucky.

The boys

I love the drystone walls around the place.

And the beautiful sculptures.

Lovely pond.

I wasn't actually waving, there was a branch in my face.

They grow veggies here too.

Wish I had some of these covers.

An old piece of equipment that I will find the name of.

Best gate ever!

Finished at the cafe....of course!  Look it up if you've not been, it's on Blackwood and part of the diggers club gardens but you don't have to be a member, only $10 to get in and kids free, I cannot wait to return in Spring as I saw many bulbs shooting up.

On the way home we stopped for a lovely bushwalk, I noticed many alarming similarities in my youngest child to my middle one.  I realised I have noticed this before, other family members have told me and I have stuck my head in the sand.  I've been sidetracked with work and my own priorities, I need to fight now and get his assessed and helped or at least start giving this child more of my time.  I won't be posting so much anymore, I need to step back now and try and do something right.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Today we visited M.A.D.E I believe that stands for museum of Australia democracy at Eureka according my 9 year old visited this place this year and has been keen to show me since he went, and as we live about 800 metres from the place we thought on this rainy day perfect time to visit!

We saw the southern cross flag, very exciting - it's very old! 
For those that do not know the story google - Eureka rebellion Ballarat.  It's about the miners rights, the crooked Government rules, the death of men who stood up for their rights and probably the very beginnings on the union movements.

There was a bit about the suffragette woman - fairly sure I had female relatives in that in England.

There was fun stuff to do for the kids, we all got involved and made fortune cups.

Master 12 mused on what to call his.

While he loom band addict had no problems.

So far the fortune cup has been really accurate!

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