Sunday, July 6, 2014


Today we visited M.A.D.E I believe that stands for museum of Australia democracy at Eureka according my 9 year old visited this place this year and has been keen to show me since he went, and as we live about 800 metres from the place we thought on this rainy day perfect time to visit!

We saw the southern cross flag, very exciting - it's very old! 
For those that do not know the story google - Eureka rebellion Ballarat.  It's about the miners rights, the crooked Government rules, the death of men who stood up for their rights and probably the very beginnings on the union movements.

There was a bit about the suffragette woman - fairly sure I had female relatives in that in England.

There was fun stuff to do for the kids, we all got involved and made fortune cups.

Master 12 mused on what to call his.

While he loom band addict had no problems.

So far the fortune cup has been really accurate!

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