Sunday, June 15, 2014

This week at my place

This week after deciding to lose weight and get fit just after Easter I jumped on the scales and did my measurements to be surprised with a 3.6 kg loss I think I took the measurements about 6 weeks back.  I've also lost 19 cm from chest/waist/hips with a good 9 cm from waist so very happy with that!  I cut back portion sizes, tried to get on my road bike to do 30-50 km a week just doing chores so bit of shopping, picking up medications, posting letters that sort of thing and the odd ride with my middle son.  I did not give up any of my daily chocolate addiction.
I also took up another days swimming so now swim 150-160 laps a week at the indoor pool, sometimes I have to go super early and walk the dog before light to fit it all in but worth it to feel fitter.

I think next I will try a Yoga challenge as there is a special deal at my local studio 2 weeks unlimited yoga for set price and I think I will try and do 5 classes a week, it won't be easy as my work is very busy too right now, to the point I've just worked 6 days straight.  I am not full time but 3 hours of remedial massage work in a really hot room so the clients comfy really does make you sweat and it's like a workout so possibly that's contributed too weight loss to I think it's certainly makes me tired at the end of the day anyway! I space my clients through out the day so it's not back to back either which helps me manage energy wise. Plus some days there is no time to eat lunch or snacks anymore.

I did manage to make this though from our school cook book

Delicious chicken curry.

I whipped this up between clients for one of my sons school class - he wasn't getting a party this year so I thought he should get sung too by group and so a cake was required. He doesn't love me coming into class, I can be embarrassing but he coped with that for the cake.

Last week when I went in to help with school gardening group one of the other helping mums gave me these which was a lovely suprise.   They were so well arranged and really beautiful design.  I was touched!

Today I brought this, a bit of a finishing touch to my dry garden bed area, a fire pit, which might turn into a pond in Summer.  I hope it doesn't rust as I am sure my male dogs have already peed on it!!

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