Sunday, March 18, 2012

Talbot Market and the Herb bed

Today I took the teen to the Talbot Market, & how I love that term and being the parent of a teenager for one whole week!!

It was a gorgeous day here in Ballarat and I had heard there was a lady there that had organic seeds (Green Circle Organics) and the food there is divine so after only hearing the night before that it was on we made an inpromteu decision to go.

Didn't regret it one bit! I brought a some treats for the family - A belt for hubby after sizing up a slightly overweight man and asking him his size so I could work out hubbies ;) a wallet as hubbies has also seen better days. A couple of pkts of Pokemon cards for the boys - that is the latest phase, some Yellowbox honey, a Jade plant, some chocolate liquorice - well you do need sustenance, a Curry plant, a French Sorrell plant, Garlic Chive seedlings, Cauliflowers seedins, Pak Choy and Asian veggies seedlings & Kale and Jade Plant (brings good luck) and so many seeds I will need to list!

Garlic Chives
Cabbage - Red
Red Onion
Pak Choy
Sweet Pea

I have planted the Endive, Garlic Chives & Mizuna in pots, most of the seeds bar the Spring ones like Sunflowers in the new and exciting glasshouse beds and the seedlings in the actual veggie garden, even though it isn't really the right time to plant by the lunar planting guide. So feel a bit guilty about that! We had an awesome day though, I love these special moments with the one child and we had a lovely Cafe style lunch and scones and creme with a Latte, a must on these occasions I feel.... :) Hope everyone else had as wonderful a weekend as I did!!! I have also taken a photo of the herb garden bed in the trough it's coming along really well with Coriander there, Parsley and Basil, all looking very healthy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Hot Houses & Autumn happenings

Sorry I haven't had much time to post of late, work has been flat out, however after a lovely evening walk while Ken was putting together a desk for one of my boys we I snuck out to the garden and make some hot houses. I usually use the Bunnings brought greenhouses to grow my seeds, but they don't last I don't really mind a couple of years use and then use the frames to hold the seedling trays however last year it was 4 months use before the plastic tore in a storm so the whole thing was useless and this year decided to take some valuable advise from the Ballarat Permaculture Facebook people and built my own! I got the idea from a link given to me by them;

I have been to a talk by John a few years ago and a tour of his garden and did see these boxes but had forgotten so really excited to finally get a chance to use them. I collected 6 boxes years ago to do this, then promptly forgot the whole concept and they sat in the corner of the shed un-used. I am going to plant some Pak Choy, Bok, Choy, Broccoli and Cauliflower seeds, and off to browse my Phoenix seeds catalogue that arrived this week for more seeds. You will notice in teh pictures it's light and quickly gets dark, I was determined to get this part of the houses finished so I can plant on the weekend!

This week end hoping to plant some see dings - Broccoli, Sprouts and Cauliflower too, and maybe some Winter Lettuce. The beds have all had a good dose of manure and been turned over so ready for planting now. Have my last bed of Corn ready to pick -it not really that yellow though, I am unsure what that means hopefully it's still edible though.

Also have an exciting project coming up, we will re fence the chook pen and regain some garden back to be used for a tank and another 2 veggie beds. Stay tuned....

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