Saturday, November 27, 2010


With last weekends beautiful weather I did make great headway in weeding the gardening and starting to get it looking somewhat tamer, although the weather got too warm at the beginning of the week so I didn't quiet finish the front garden off. I have started a new compost off for the Summer having used all the compost up nearly that I made over the Winter, I started with all the rabbits hutch contents and some soil.

I had only a small part to finish, I also added some Marigolds to to a garden bed and put wire over it so Pepa the free ranging rabbit didn't immediately eat them, he was watching us and just waiting his moment! Kyan was helping me he's such a lovely little garden helper, often I end up doing whatever he helps with over again but his heart is there and I don't remember any of the other boys wanting to help so I am enjoying the company.

Rabbit manure is so great to be put straight on the garden too and pretty much each time I clean 2 hutches out I get a wheelbarrow of straw and rabbit droppings. This year my Roses are looking awesome and better than ever thanks to this new manure.

I am really finding the garden is like a meditation for me and so peaceful - unless all 3 boys are outside with me then not quiet as peaceful, actually downright noisy!

I put some fish emulsion on the veggie garden last weekend and I cannot believe how things have shot up there too! The little lettuce seedlings planted 3 weeks ago are almost ready to be harvested!

I need to get out three and remove the silverbeet or Rainbow chard, I have given lots to neighbours but it's starting to go to seed now and I should be thinking of planting something else there.

This week I'd like to finish off all the weeding, as it's rained pretty much all yesterday and the ground will be soft and start weeding out the back, I might even lay some grass seed out the back see if it takes with all this wet soil.

I took some pictures late last week of some flowers to remind me that although the garden was a little overgrown there were still some lovely flowers out and worthy of a picture.

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