Sunday, November 28, 2010

New bunnies

Yesterday I took my new little Chocolate Torte doe Ambika into the Daylesford show, it was a long day and really took it out of me but I helped with the stewarding which means you get the rabbits out of the cages as the Judge requires them and your able to learn a lot of the Judges comments. I learnt how to "stack" a mini lop which was exciting! Anyway we came first in one class and second in another so that was great, I took Jordan with me and it gives him some experiences speaking with the Judge, to be honest he looks terrified the entire time, they always seem to ask him some question Ive not prepared him for.

During the week we had an exciting event with Sian my adult Seal Point Doe that lives in the house. She gave birth to 4 kits, 3 days later there is an obvious larger one who's hogging the milk but they are all looking really healthy. I have to be careful to smother my hands in Sians scent whenever handling the babies after washing them so she doesn't smell another rabbit.

She seems to know that there is a new bunny upstairs in my room and she's none too happy about it!

I have in the pipeline Ken thinking about building me a shed for the rabbits and new hutches ans the ebay ones are just rubbish and very hard to clean out. But I am very aware I don't want any rabbits too feel really closed in or have a awful life with me, whether I can fix this via lots of free time in pens on the grass I don't know but it's making me quiet hesitant to buy any more rabbits. I do also enjoy the showing but it terribly boring for the boys and even I feel the day gets longs there so I may be very limited as to when I can show and Ive also always been so against showing of all things really animals or people although I get the concept I think things should be judged on so much more than beauty or what a particular judge is looking for at the time - such as the squishy face with the mini lops.

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