Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fruit tree order for Ballarat area

Just a really quick post, each year I purchase a few fruit trees from the Caledonian Primary School fundraising fruit tree drive and I have to say they are the best little trees, value for money and excellent producers of fruit.  Anyone around the area take a drive past the Black Hill Primary School and check out the Orchard next to the oval and you will find the trees there only 2 years old and massive for their age!

I brought a Peach tree only last year from the school drive and it gave me 20 massive yellow Peaches with the best flavour and taste ever!  So here is the link for those local to Ballarat - go into the document and you can print of your order and take into the school for some lovely trees delivered in July.

This is not my children's school however they have an excellent garden and fruit tree set up and I think they have done a wonderful job and deserve a plug as I always buy a few trees each year I hope they always have this promotion as its EXCELLENT value for money.

Oh as a final note orders must be received by June 13, so just one week to order folks but well worth it!

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  1. I'm off for a look...thanks Sue. Btw I was at school the other night....reports reports reports....but all done now yeahhhhhhh