Saturday, May 31, 2014

Home made laundry detergent

This week I ventured into the art of making home made laundry detergent I felt I needed to find to save in the home and that this would be a good start.  I have calculated it will be about a $300 saving per year for my home made detergent compared to the shop brought stuff and this is the process.

The recipe calls for;
1 cup of soap - I just grated 1 bar
1/2 cup of borax - I did not add this it's no good for grey water systems and reusing on the garden.
1/2 cup of washing soda 

Both the soap and the washing soda were easily located in the laudry isle at Coles.  I found the soap grated easily I thought it may have been tricky but it grates well.

I started on the large grate bit but changed to the smaller one as it will dissolve easier.

Basically the soap is added to 1.5 litres of water and you keep stiring until soap is dissolved, then add the washing soda.  Stir until thickened then pop in a bucket and fill with warm water to combine all ingredients.  I did add about 15 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil as I wanted a very subtle scent.

The end result was around 7 litres of washing detergent.  Total cost for making this $2 and 15 minutes of time.  Bliss!!  I keep a coffee cup in the laundry and use a medium cupful of the detergent per load, you must shake the bottle first but it's washing the clothes really well.   There are no suds, but we always used the Earths Choice detergent and there are no suds in that either which. Is certainly preferable when your using it on your garden.  I do about 17-19 large loads per week - 3 sons and a massage business generating tons of towels! 


  1. We make this same detergent but leave it in powdered form. I use about 1-2tsp for a front loader or a Tbsp for a top loader or a little more for a filthy load (3 kids under 6 who like to dig in the dirt). I did find that my whites didn't stay as white as they would with commercial powders but add a little bluo into the mix or per white load and it works fine. :)
    I no longer use a softener but when we did I changed over to using vinegar. About 1/2 a cup per load I think it worked out. White or white wine vinegar. :) It's cheaper and also far more eco friendly. I don't know how it would go on the garden but I do know that you can add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to water to help acidify the soil for plants like tomatoes so I imagine with alkaline soils it wouldn't hurt too much. :) Just not too much of it!
    I can't wait to make this washing powder with my own homemade soap too! :D

    1. Oh I would love to make my own soap but I fear the caustic soda too much, I know it burns off but I worry about handling it with the kids and animals about. I did do the course at Permaculture group though with Angela and it came out lovely.

    2. I did the course with Angela too (Tread Lightly) but couldn't find my recipe so I checked in with Gav from and found his so much simpler. It took 30 mins from woah to go and it's lovely. I've since made my own homemade tallow soap (inspired by Angela) which as soon as its cured I will make into washing powder (3 more weeks I think). Give soap making a try. Choose a time when kids are in bed or not home and lock pets in the laundry or some such. My soap ages on top of a laundry cupboard where neither cats nor kids (and nearly nor me) can reach.

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