Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dry garden bed project

Over the past few weeks I have been slowly building a new garden bed area in an area that used to have a massive gum tree over it - we had to cut that down a few weeks back and all the mulch from the tree is now the base of the garden.  You can see in some pictures all the branches and truck has become future firewood.  This area has to be moveable as it's our only access to the paddock so a car needs to be able to get past.

This is a shot from my bedroom window, it doesn't look like much but in the past the entire area never seemed able to grow grass so it was all weeds and everything remained dead over Summer so I am super happy with the end result.

My youngests old bike, just about everything had broken on this bike and it was unfixable so I spraypainted it. Lucky he has a birthday coming up as he no longer has a bike!

I also spraypainted the tree which sounds odd, but sadly it died last year so I spruced that up too, and added 200 fairy lights and it looks fantastic at night now too! Why waste a perfectly good sculpture!

I chose this plant to match the colour of the spraypainted dead tree.

There is one live tree that has been planted and it was transplanted, I did not supervise the digging of it up and left that to hubby.  It came over with no soil and little roots!! Poor Maple could end up spraypainted too. I pruned back and shall hope for the best.

Some water for the birds, although my dog keeps drinking it all!

Another fence ornament ripe for a spray paint.

This is a before of a bit of a sad birdbath...

Given new life with some pebbles and a lovely plant I received for Mother's Day.

This was my helper and supervisor for the weekend, he actually is very good at carrying small tools around.

This was my other helper, busy catching all the mice we seem to have right now!

Hope you all got some quality time in the garden!


  1. I too spent the weekend in the garden and I ache like blazes today to remind me of all we achieved. :)
    We too have a large mouse populatin here at the moment and we found a large nest the other day whilst demolishing a wiidpile. Babies, dead babies, mummas and pappas. That explains why our cats sat out there almost constantly. :) We have 2 fabulous ratters (yep, there are rats around too. Here's hoping the snakes don't hear that we have the perfect habitat for them) who play with then eat their catch. :)
    Your garden look sfabulous and as much as the idea of a spray painted tree surprised me I think it's rather clever actually! As you say, why waste a perfectly good sculpture. :)

  2. Beaufitul! Well done, Sue and some really good ideas!!! Looks fantastic!

  3. Who would have thought to spray paint the dead tree! I like the idea and with the addition of the fairy lights...beautiful.

  4. Oh that mulch is going to compost down eventually into some lovely rich soil. I love the idea of your spraypainted tree wrapped in fairy lights - what a clever idea!