Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pumpkinmania and a special pillow!

Having picked my only Pumpkin recently it was time to search google for some tasty Pumpkin recipes. I already knew how to cook a delicious Pumkin soup.

We had some with a roast chicken but still had this much left!
So started with the soup.

But needed something tasty to go with the soup, and came up with this...

Wait for it...

Herb Pumpkin bread - very nice, little different but tasty, of course after a meal a sweet treat is a must.

The Pumpkin Cinnamon cake recipe make enough for 2 square dish cakes, lucky as one was demolished by the skeptical "that will be yuk Mum" boys!

The cream cheese icing was yummy!

My beautiful friend Annie gave me this lovely pillow she made for my birthday, I love the texture and find it hard to sit back on preferring to have it on my lap so I can run my fingers through the grooves!

My cat Monty thinks he is a lion.

Laid back boy he is!


  1. He is gorgeous! I'm glad you're loving the texture of the cushion.

  2. Lol, careful you're not turning into a pumpkin! ;-)

    That looks very yummy and shows good use of produce available. Getting hungry just looking at your pics!

  3. Lovely blog Sue. Yes, Monty does bear a resemblance to my little guy!