Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I was a very lucky girl this mother day, all the boys spoilt me and I was blessed to have hubby off shift too to help co-ordinate breckie in bed.  We spend the afternoon at the Ballarat heritage weekend visiting old buildings and did the Webster Street house walk and of course on such a beautiful day I spend time in the garden.  Eldest child gave me a gorgeous pot of 3 Hyacinths that I was able to divide into 3 pots and I've put 2 outside my clinic entrance for a sensory experiance for my clients.
I did keep one for my bedroom, it's very cold in there so the plant should be fine.

My middle son brought me a Cinereria and from school he choose a Plectranthus a special teacher made up, I do have one so know once large and flowering it will look like this;

These are my special flowers;

Very nicely chosen thanks boys!

I also received some seeds and labels for the garden, but by far the one I was most excited about because I thought it was about 4 feet tall is this;

I can walk in it, this baby is so tall I can stand in it and in fact my eldest can stand in there too and he is just on 6 foot!  I cannot wait to start popping trays of seeds in there!

I also was blessed with $50 in Bunnings vouchers, my family seriously go overboard every year with Mother's Day.  

I did miss my own Mum a bit, she passed away 8 years ago and the boys remembered to light a candle in the evening for Aimee - my 6th pregnancy that sadly did not make it to the end that I lost Mothers day 2010 and for Yvonne - my Mum.   

1938-2006 clearly I do not take after Mum neither of us got thick long blonde hair sadly! 

To end a fantastic day hubby cooked a roast with veggies using our home grown Pumkpin of course! Delicious!

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  1. You received wonderful flowers and presents for Mother's Day - your boys must love you very much!
    What a nice gesture to remembr your Mum and Aimee - it's these days where things are a bit harder than usual.
    Big hugs and enjoy your fantastic flowers!