Thursday, November 7, 2013

The growing foods.

It's looking great in the veggie garden this year, my Leeks are doing well, we will have a bumper large crop of Onions I've nearly harvested all the Lettuce and my Spinach/Silverbeet is going manic.  Jordan's Potatos you might remember a post awhile back on those well they are growing fast so we have to keep the soil and straw up to that.

Starting to peak through.

Lovely Lettuce.

Going to have lots and lots of Lemons!

I don't remember planting Leeks but here they are!

Not my favorite food but if the chooks get their eggs into gear I shall make a nice Spinach quiche.

Another 2 months before harvest so these shall be quite large by then.

My grown from seed Corn and Zucchini just went in this week.

Lots of yummy Pears growing!

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