Friday, November 22, 2013

New Arrivals....

Over the past few weeks,we have had some new additions to to the place:

Some lovely new Sussex chickens from my friend and soup bus boss lady Rhonda we got to visit her beautiful property too so a double bonus as the garden is stunning.

Henrietta and Gertrude had a week alone then moved in with no problems at all to the existing flock.

Some of ladies had a few dags I their fluffy Cochin bottoms and wanted a nice bath and boy did they settle down for the experience! They loved it all fell asleep.

This is Henry my Rooster he barely fit in the bath, they all appreciated the spruce up to welcome the new ladies.

2 weeks weeks,after we returned from a trip I went to clean my rabbit out who lives with a desexed buck might I add and found these.....

Genetics never lie, this fellow in the opposite cage looked very pleased with himself and his mum is a Lilac mini lop.  So is one of the kits...

Few weeks on happy little friendly babies.

Inside for their model shots.  Now for families.  I'm a hard person to buy from, I ask a million questions to find the perfect owner.  No, they are not Xmas presents, I look for owners that will make their kit part of the family, perhaps bring indoors a bit - considering they are easier to train in a litter box than a cat it's often very appealing to people. Love it to bits and pet often, make a pen and let play outdoors too, be vigilant for Myxomatosis and Calici. People that don't just buy for their kids entertainment. And will never ever breed from them.  I've found some brilliant owners that adore their pets, I breed maybe once a year max now, if that, those great pet owners are out there, but they are tricky to find! Always get a ton of enquiries but not so many suitable.


  1. Those adour able bunnies! Thanks for your help today was hectic but we got through it.

  2. That's ok, it was full on, but gee you must be popular they all want a job! Note sent choccie ball surely means excellent holding power from the mother! I did give in but not to cake!!

  3. I was cheering you ...well done!