Monday, December 9, 2013


The past 2 weeks have been up and down in weather and I've had little time outdoors.  I've been taking solace in my meditation room and sneaking out to bring the outdoors in.  I get great pleasure in flowers and like to have them in all the places I sit.

My meditation table.

This is a great Brahma Kumaris book/ CD in am studying and meditating to each day, very insightful and brought on my last retreat.  

This was taken at the boys school.  I had gone to assembly to see my son get his certificate for playground mentor and the environmental group kids get their certificates for the year.  It finished early and I sat in the sensory garden in pure peace. I have not been out too much he knew it would be hard for me to get there.  He played up badly that morning and I was determined not to go, but he will never do this again and the look on his face when he saw me there made me realise sometimes you really have to let the bad stuff go and focus on what he has achieved. The mornings and evenings will always be hard with this child, but what he achieves during the day is phenomenal. I am super proud.


  1. It's such hard work...I know...and to keep putting yourself out there...I applaud you, and the flowers are our reward. So glad I have found you. You are special.

  2. They are beautiful Poppies Annie, did you donate those ones? I just love sitting in that garden. I hope the kids use it its peaceful! Love the Cherry Tree too.