Saturday, December 28, 2013

December garden pics

Deep breath today and focus on the beauty! After all 2013 is nearly over!

I noticed this Parsley bush was quite odd when I went to use some in a recipe.  Half the leaves are straight half flat leaved!! Bizzare! All tasted the same.

I picked this sign up at the Pleasant st School Market.  Because my herbs are simply awesome!

My beautiful Buddleigh, it makes me smile and want to inhail the scent all day.

This was a gift from my gardening friend Chris, it has a long name and of course it has left my memory!!!

I don't have a lot of white in the garden, looks nice against the green grass though thanks to my grey water tank!

The Beans starting to get bigger in the herb garden.  I ran out of space in the veggie garden!

This makes me smile too, I love garden ornaments.

Another Sue creation, as you can tell I'm really not arty but I think the birds will love it!


  1. I love fun in the garden too. Looks like we are on the same page...although I did have to spend some time in my sewing room today out of the heat. No fun in there yet, just cleaning up the piles upon piles of mess!

  2. P.s my cactus flower hung on for 2 days but no more. I made sure I admired it many times.