Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December happenings

It's been a busy month, school books to source second hand for high school - they only seem to use for one year and can't be passed to the next child. A huge retaining wall to finish and a garden to plant out.  Books to sell, last minute pressies to buy - my hubby and boys shop Xmas eve.... 

The last day of school I was awarded the most delightful award.  I have to take a pic because it was such a surprise. The school awarded me a community prize for helping with garden stuff.  It was nerve racking  to walk up there and talk in front of so many people at assembly but so exciting to come home and share my news!

Now my children are all talking about how we can enter things to promote our wonderful school - and that is coming from the high school boy who is no longer a student there!

I had a quick visit from my favorite garden friend and she have me these;

They are craftly packaged seeds from;

I cannot wait to sow them!  It got me thinking though what a perfect present it was for me.  Each year I have friends who give me chocolate - lots of it, I asked please not too every year though they do, in actual fact a $2.50 punnet of plants would be so much better and delight me.  These seeds delighted me, they are packaged so well I'm not sure I want to open them.

In other news we have a new member of the family, he is 9 weeks old and came to live with us last week.  Introducing Monty!

The little fella met a bunny this week;

That bunny is about the same age!

Today on Christmas Day he tried some Turkey and ended up tuckered out so slept like this;

We love Monty he brings joy to the home :)


  1. I love Monty too...I will send some photos through when I download them. So glad you love the seeds...I love them too! Congratulations again on a wonderful award.

  2. Thank you and I cannot wait to see Monty pics, the little devil barely keeps still for me to take any!