Sunday, December 29, 2013

December again!

Soon it will be January and I can change the titles of my posts!

Today I worked flat out in my veggie garden and took all the Silverbeet out, and harvested the strange looking Leeks. Next week will be red onion harvest.

Then I went up to the school in the evening to seethe parent rostered on to water had done an absolutely brilliant job watering! The garden was so well watered we didn't have to bother and concentrated on clearing the veggie garden weeds and removing all the Silverbeet that had gone wild! While I did this my eldest watered the grass with the sprinkler.  I found, I kid you not 57 snails.  I counted. Just goes to show now wonderfully organic our garden at school is!  

Then I went to check on this, and was delighted at its colour and shape, I've been watching it since October, it's nearly surely will be before the kids go back!

As this post is on December which about to end in 2 days I feel I should add what I made Christmas Day or the before for the pudding.

It's massive and sweet hubby is the only one that eats it!  It took 5 hours to make!  

Ok Coles provided the Pav, but hey I decorated it!!

Someone was rather tired after all the festivities!

Only one more post for 2013, I am working New Year's Eve on the bus that feeds people so will post my goals tomorrow.  Have to think about all those tonight! After Christmas lunch eating healthier have to be on that list!! 


  1. Great School news. Glad it's all ticking along. Love Monty!

    1. I need to email you another pic, will you get time to read it?? I have an idea....wanted to run it by you. Did you get my text???! I will think your not talking to me. Lol

  2. Off to Water Park in Geelong today...