Thursday, December 26, 2013

Retaining wall Reno!

Here are some before and after shots of our big renovation.  We needed to remove the telephone posts holding up our retaining all as they were getting very old.  They actually were not in too bad condition so I now have a good supply of fire wood for next year.  Hubby did all the major work.  I did all the garden, I did previously have a garden there but sadly it all got demolished in the process.

We had a new wall by a week prior to Christmas but no garden, that came along with all the mulch and new grass we had to lay as all the soil had killed it, garden was put in Xmas eve, we worked 8am until 9 pm!

I'm very blessed to have a clever hubby and helpful kids.  :). I love my new garden and wall.


  1. It looks MAGNIFICENT Sue!! What a big day you had with fantastic results. I'll have to come for an inspection.

    1. Please do come for an inspection! We love your company. Can't do Russian tea but I have Liptons ;)

  2. Looks wonderful and is that a wood fired pizza oven I spy.... if so I am eternally jealous. Enjoy your new space.