Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last post for 2013 been an interesting day, went shopping with the kids and for the first time I can ever remember we shopped as a family.  I'm grateful for that it's hard to keep an eye on 3 kids was nice to have 2 extra eyes on them!

Then we went to an sudden decision for lunch out that was nice we were down one child he was on a play date, but the 2 child dynamics made the lunch that much nicer.

Then a friend popped over and I love talking gardening to her and I found a little about what goes into,being a teacher, I had no idea - today I am grateful we have these angels help raising our kids 6 hours a day in school time.

Then I meant to work, the soup bus but I got the wrong night, it's tomorrow!  Oh well! I'm grateful for that as I went kayaking instead it was bliss!

These are my gratitude diaries, it is said one will appreciate life more if we right 3 things we are grateful for each night.

The one to the far right is 2014's I cannot wait to see what that year holds.  Must think of some intentions to set for 2014!

This is book I read slowly during the year it also helps to make me feel grateful for all I have.

These are my journals, I only journal positive and exciting new idea's and positive healthy ways to improve my mind and body.  The body needs work, the mind is doing well.

I have many different packets of cards, this has been the one I pulled out for the past week.  I think it is what I need to work on in 2014.

I am grateful Monty came I to my life, he just loves me, no expectations, no talkback, no demands really.  He's supposed to be sleeping on his little comfy bed in the bathroom.  He's moved into the bedroom though! 

Happy New Year All. Peace and Joy for 2014. Sue xxxxx


  1. Here's to a wonderful 2014. I am grateful I have found a new friend.

  2. I am too Annie, you make me laugh you have a great sense of humour, can't wait to work with you in 2014 on school garden and maybe visit some more open gardens together.