Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cooking with Class 2014

In 2013 a lovely mother Kim at our school decided to raise funds by creating a cookbook for our primary school.  The book took much of the year to create and had the help of many other Mums - I was not one of these, however in honour of the students that submitted recipes, as most did and we have around 550 students so it I have decided to ask my children to make a recipe for each week in 2014. 

Please enjoy and should anyone wish to purchase a copy of this wonderful book I can arrange it.

Week 1 - This recipe is from my eldest son, actually no longer a student at the school but it's a darn good recipe and he created it so I asked could it be included. The plate I recently brought at an antique store it's 50 years old and note smaller than the massive plates we use these days!

I actually forgot to put the fetta cheese in but here is the recipe. I also used flaked almonds rather than pine nuts as that's what I had on hand.

I hope I remember to take pictures each time!  The book has pictures of all the students and many of the recipes, a lovely reminder of school days I may have to buy more copies as gifts!


  1. A fabulous book and a wonderful idea of yours to get the chn to make them and then photograph the results. I am so excited about this book. I gave some for Christmas presents, and they were VERY well received. My mum is telling all her friends about it. I will encourage more sales when I get back to school, as I think it would be a wonderful keepsake for all the children. A great effort from Kim. Did you know that I typed the salads! That's my claim to fame.

    1. I did not know that! Well done Annie! I love the book, think it's Sheppards pie for me this week a challenge with a the 30 degree days! Might have to change to a dessert! Hope your having a wonderful time on the river with those cows and calves! Guess who caught his first mouse this week??!