Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summer garden 2014

It's been really hot but with a little water some of the flowers are starting to come out and the with a huge amount of water luckily it's tank water the veggie garden is flourishing.  Took these at 6 am as my lovely eldest child prepared to go for his first day back at high school.

More Zucchini's to come.

The Pumpkins won't be far off...

Too hot for snails so the Lettuce is growing well too.

Roses are starting their second flush.

Some colour in the herb garden.

And some yet to arrive, this is 6 foot tall!

This small sunflower is actually is never facing the sun, it's facing my house, which just delights me!


  1. He IS a lovely first child! Hope his first day went well. Your garden is looking good. I got up early this am to weed a small patch, just to get my fix.

  2. I did the same, we went for a nice bushwalk with dogs at 7am then weeded, mulched, swept and planted seedlings, all done and finished by 11.30 when it way too hot to be outdoors, now getting all ready for first day back!