Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cooking with class - Shepherds Pie and Chocolate Zucchini cake.

Last week was way to hot to do much cooking at all so this week now it's cooled down I decided to play catch up and make 2 of the Cooking with Class recipes.

They were both absolutely delicious and as per usual I made slight adjustments just because I don't like mashing potato's and I also had no sour cream for Zucchini cake and so used yogurt.

I also sprinkled a little smoked Praprika on the potato's.

The final result with a little grilled cheese and a nice salad to accompany.  The end verdict from the kids was licked plates, always a good sign.

Today's harvest!! I have been getting quite a few Zucchini's each day and kids a little sick of Zucchini slice!

Pretty happy with the result!

Very moist and tasty, again just the slight variation with using the yogurt rather than sour cream, very nice!

I couldn't resist a little nibble from the middle, waiting for kettle to boil for accompanying cup of tea!!


  1. That cake looks amazing...and the pie. What a great record you're making with our wonderful cook book. Lovely to see you and your beautiful boys yesterday.

  2. Lovely to see you too Annie and thanks again for gorgeous plants, they are all planted and I will post a blog about them as soon as I can. Cake is so yummy! I would have brought over had it been ready, next time!

  3. Ooh yum, that cakes looks fantastic. My zucchini has only just started producing and so far everything been pretty small. I've heard others having the same trouble so whatever you're doing it's obviously working!