Sunday, January 12, 2014

Summer Harvest

We have been busy harvesting our garden produce, the only thing lest to gather are the Beans and Garlic although how to find the Garlic now it's all died back shall be a challenge....

We have 2 Plum trees and this harvest is from the blood plum that usually produces a grand total of 2 Plums, so I was overjoyed to see a ton on there and we get up the ladder each day and collect a small bucket full which are pretty much eaten throughout the day.

Well my eldest waters my veggie patch so well each day my Zucchinis have done really well and I simply had to make some soup, not the best task on a hot day but it's only going to get hotter this week!

Not the best presentation picture, but this is the final result, Zucchini, Potato, Carrot and Garlic soup. - yum!

Then early this morning I got out there and pulled out all the Onions.

I bundle with string and hang like this to dry after a good wash.

They stay in bundles and are pulled off as needed, other years I have had them hanging until around April but didn't plant too many this year so these will only last us a month.  Shall plant many more next year!

Finally this jam is NOT made by myself but my clever soup bus friend and shift boss Rhonda who has a wonderful property at Durham Lead.  We had a superb lunch and visit there this weekend and I wish I had brought my camera and taken some garden shots, she kindly let each of my boys take home a bottle of different jam.  After sampling the Boysenberry, I wish I had 10 kids!! That was a fleeting thought!! 

Had to sneak a final shot of Monty in! According to my middle child he's "chillaxing".

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