Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Garden make overs

I'm not normally a huge fan of school holidays, I love the break of early starts, making lunches and having my day end at 3.30 to pick school kids up but it messes with my business I can rarely massage with 3 noisy boys at home, there are big expectations I will entertain them and all my yoga and exercise gets forgotten as I try to entertain 3 kids. It's usually hot and we all get a bit crabby.

But this holidays my eldest child has taken an interest in gardening he did not really ask to make these changes to certain areas of the garden and so we did have some plants pulled when he cleared the area of "weeds" however the overall result is spectacular.  

This was the area in June last year.

I tidied it up somewhat, then the tall child found the original paint and decided a makeover was in order!

Plants were added, many donated by my lovely friend Annie :)

I love it! A lovely garden I can sit near and enjoy!

This is the next make over an ugly tank and bare area in the backyard.

Some Hydrangeas, Fucshias and some Gaura's make all the difference, new screening and a little brick edge.  Well done eldest!!  


  1. Oh my, what a difference. The painted fence really makes a huge difference, what a great job he did! Can I ask, how old is you eldest..... ie how many years do I have to wait til mine go from pulling all my seedlings out to actually being helpful in the garden.

    1. He is 14 and has been interested in gardening for about 1.5 years, must say not a lot of interest from the other 2 although the middle child is fairly environmentally conscious.

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  3. Oh wow ...I love a make over. Tall boy has done a wonderful job. "Grow little plants"