Saturday, February 1, 2014

Books I am reading

I love to read and usually go through around 60 fiction novels but also LOVE my spiritual and self development books.  I have a long way to go and don't think I will ever stop reading them.

This is just a book on positive change to try and keep me positive.  I keep forgetting the days saying though so I have been reading the one saying for a week.....I've forgotten it again could be a long while getting through this one.  :)

This a book to help with mindfulness practise.  I have been studying mindfulness and various techniques for around 4 years now.  I'm definitely in the zone when I do my 5 minutes twice a day mindfulness exercises.

This one is about simple living and getting back to basics to ease to financial burden and stresses of life.  I had it on order for ages from Book Depository and was unable to get it, and by chance was in the school staff room after a working bee and a lovely teacher ordered it for me through their book people that come around each month.  I LOVE it, such good advice and I am finally putting changes in place.

I don't get a lot of time to read but if am blessed in being a pretty fast reader and will read anywhere I take a book absolutely everywhere when I go out.  It is back to school for all 3 boys tomorrow so maybe I shall celebrate by taking 15 minutes out for a read!!


  1. I'm going to try to read more this year sue...I love learnng and you obviously do too...another thing we have in common. Have a wonderful day with Monty...I'm about to embark on a new journey with 25 new little people. I will make sure we water little tree.

  2. Oh Monty is missing boys today terribly! I do love learning :)

  3. Wow, is that 60 books a year! I thought 20+ was good. I don't tend to go for self help but I did like Buddhism for Mothers to help regain some perspective and find some strategies to avoid yelling too much. And I've been meaning to have a look at the Down to Earth book for ages too. I also like an iPhone app I have called Happier which is about focusing on positives things that happen every day.

    1. The Buddhism for Mothers has another 2 offshoot books now, not sure what they are called but I do recall seeing them in the bookstore, that was one book I heard a lot of good things about but did not read. Down to Earth is EXCELLENT if you are after new idea to downsize your life and reduce your footprint.