Sunday, February 16, 2014

Febuary - finally cool enough to garden!

We have had the hottest run of scorching days I can ever remember in a Summer since moving to 
Ballarat.  Last week it stayed very muggy but I was able to get out on the bike around town.  I dislike driving so most places I ride too,  if I have too much shopping to get I ride to Coles twice sometime very late...I can fit a lot in my basket and backpack.

Here is my garden this week.

Pretty vibrant red flowers.

Pretty Petunias.

Quite odd to be growing Petunias and Pansies at the same time!

More self seeding Marigolds.

They just keep blooming!

Yay, Sunflowers starting to bloom, this one is totally faded, it's facing West.

For the 8 feet of stalk I expected a grand and massive flower....

They do have multiple flowers on the heads though so shouldn't whinge!

A little colour near my pond.

The Vietnamese mint taking over the entire pond!  Any Ballarat people more than welcome to cuttings of this, it's very tasty in a nice stir fry.  :)

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  1. Lovely to see your garden, and I'm also pleased the weather has cooled off a bit. I had to giggle at the sunflowers..but yes, at least they have multiple is so tall!