Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More from February garden

Now it's positively cold!  After so many days of heat, think we will need heaters tomorrow!

I had to out this in for perspective, my 14 year old is just on 6 feet tall so you can imagine how tall this Sunflower is!

These are the massive leaves and today I noticed they in a heart shape, probably that's my valentines day suprise as nothing else came....

Check this monster out, child 3 is holding a normal sized Zucchini.  The large one is around 3 feet! I am leaving it to grow for the school Begonia festival competition. Not sure what category most unedible food perhaps?

The kids Lettuce is going well, we just take leaf off at a time, I dislike Iceberg Lettuce intensely so it's going to last awhile. I planted a few of a different variety I like though.

Yay one Pumpkin so far, there will be more to come I am sure.  I can't even remember the variety I wish I had written it down.

These are dwindling thanks to the Parrots, and still quite hard but slowly getting a little bigger.

Excuse the torn up tissue box Monty has destroyed! This is my baby now 16 weeks! Favorite position of his!

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  1. I love that spotty tummy! Pears hanging in the light are beautiful.