Friday, February 7, 2014

My love for Yoga

It's almost equal to my passion for gardening!  I am not at all good at it, in fact often I am the worst in the class but I don't care, and neither do the teachers they accept me and help me along. I have tried Hot Yoga - excellent for weight loss I lost 7 kgs - it did find me again over Christmas, Hatha - I love this style so gentle and Vinyassa - a flowig Yoga that is continuous in its movement - my favourite really.  I find that lower back pain 90% of us have is eased considerably with Yoga.  My mind calms with yoga in fact with I start thinking of other things during the sun salutations I stuff up the moves!  Which I laugh at and mentally FOCUS.

This is my old mat and me doing some asanas at Noosa - best place for Yoga!  Noosa = best place for everything!!

This is some of the equipment I use at home, I need all the assistance I can get with my stretches as I am quiet unflexiable.

My little seat I use to do lotus pose, I'm not a very straight sitter.

My steam essential oil diffuser, gotta have the right scents!

My home mat for short practises.

Where is get my best practise though, instructions and awesome teachers, who guide us all in the class with excellent instruction and guidance is here;
Absolute Yoga was the studio I went to for it feels like over 4 years now but it's gone so fast it's hard to recall.  Tracey is such a wonderful teacher, an inspiration to everyone that goes to yoga I am sure.

Sadly yesterday was the last class my little orange mat and I did our last class at the studio. Orange mat burnt down with the whole internal Absolute Yoga and the shop below.

 I was devastated and still am for Tracey but even in adversity she has managed to inspire me as she was advising members straight away she would re-open with her crew. I know she will we are all behind her. She gives me and lots of others HOPE.

So today I brought my new studio Yoga mat :) mats were provided but I always liked my own on top, extra padding to cope with my extra padding! 

With change we grow :) Absolute Yoga ROCKS!!!  We will follow you Trace. xxx


  1. I heard it on the news this am...oh dear...I've often thought of yoga to hep me relax. Good to know someone involved. I'll drop key off first thing.

  2. When Tracey gets her new place up and running Annie, come with me to a Hatha class, you will love it! Something new and very relaxing.