Saturday, November 9, 2013

The things we made this weekend

We've had a productive weekend and made lots.

I noticed some Magpies have moved into our paddock and they needed a good source of water.

The old pot was lying around and the bowl was not getting used in my linen closet.  It's basic but functional.

I like to have flowers for my yoga meditation room.  I picked these a different type of Buddleigh just come into flower.  My middle son calls it the cheezel tree....

My youngest cherub is having some trouble sleeping right now, so I made him this to hang above his bed.

Then he decided perhaps we needed more...they are hanging all over the house now! Sadly the bush they came from had to be removed to make way for more retaining wall. 

As hubby pulled apart the wall more and more little rocks were found.  So I made this! Excuse the background rubble - eventually it won't be a building site!

Jordan got into the groove and weeded a garden bed and divided 2 pots of Agapantha's and planted them.  I added the rustic old BBQ plate.

Tonight for dinner I made chicken soup.  It needed something special to go with it so I brought some sourdough bread picked some Rosemary from the garden, I put some Rosemary, some Bawdens Estate extra virgin olive oil - the Frantoio Leccino Kalamata one, a clove of garlic I to the food processor, then wiped over the bread and sprinkled some sea salt on.  

It was delicious!!!

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