Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've not blogged much of late, I'm trying my new neem spray out typing outdoors as there seem to be mozzies everywhere here! I'm not it's working they are hovering.

It's been a very down fortnight but I've tried to get out of bed and garden when I can then back under the safe doona when it all gets too much. Some days it takes until 4 to get there, it's amazing what can be done before nightfall though.

I did manage to get out and mulch yesterday afternoon when the kids were home to help me.  This is really old mulch and it had gone loamy and rich and was lovely to spread about.

This is the eldest child's  new garden bed and it's newer mulch both look good but I think I shall leave to break down a bit and this one might be a little water repellant.

Some colour, these all died off over Winter so I pruned back and waited am delighted they came back some colour for my chook pen.

This little viola sprung up in the 3 inch grass, I knew moving was imminent so I potted it up some colour for my nursery area.

Eldest also pruned my front garden weeping cherries now I think it looks nice. I love my Lupins.

My little Bonsai is going well I potted up the other week.  Hope it loves water kids are fighting over the watering right now as tanks are full so everything happy in the plant area.

Where I go to sit each day to try and be ok. My canaries sing to me while I try and gather a thought.


  1. Looks great Sue - I love your lupins too, but now you've got me worried about you. Hope you are OK. I've been watering at school. Talk soon.

  2. What a lovely garden! You sound like you might be going through some issues at the moment. I hope you are okay.

  3. Thank you both, my garden is healing me and it's getting better. All good. xxx