Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open Garden - No.5

I loved this garden the most out of all of them.  It was set on 1 acre in East Ballarat as we drove down a small street with small houses I did wonder what was in store for us we got to the end and the block was much larger than the surrounding blocks.

This garden I loved the most out of all, it was a delight to walk around.

Please enjoy!

Please excuse the kids, they like to be in pictures!
My children commented this place was like a mini Sovreign Hill and I had to agree.

There were little fences everywhere one I was particularly struck with was made from sliced trees not much else done to it but it looked great.

I think it was the texture I loved about it.

I like the combination on the side of this shed of wood and tin.

The boys found some ants....and counted to report back to Helen.

The they found a basketball court and ball and were kept occupied while I could peruse the plants.

A simple and functional fire pit cooking area.

A little re-enactment shack of life when there were no mod cons!

What a great up cycling of old wire doors.

Yes, that is a vineyard at the back there, I felt for a minute I was in Tuscany!

I love rusty machinery!  I love rusty anything!

An Emu, someone is very clever at making things!

A peaceful water feature.

A very pretty part of the garden.

Oh dear the scarecrow is scary as he's following the wrong footy team!!

My little garden buddy.

I really enjoyed this garden, there was a plant sale on, I wish I had my dry garden bed at the ready for planting.  Also jams and preserves for sale.  We brought a jar of plum jam which is delicious I would take a picture but not only have we opened it but 1/4 is eaten.  :)


  1. Treasure those moments with your Garden Buddy. It looks wonderful. Wish I could have been there...next year?

    1. It was good, I hope its open next year, definitely a plan! I think there should be more open garden days!