Sunday, October 27, 2013

Open gardens - Garden No. 3

This lovely garden was located in Ballarat North in an area of older homes, with the original home being  next door, I did try and have a good look at that as we walked up the driveway.  This place is owned by an artist and the front was quite large with a steep incline to the rear yard which housed a small garden  little veggie patch and the adorable and functional artists studio I've ever seen!

Beautiful stone sculpture.

The backyard - note the veggie garden is tucked in behind the flowers.  There was also a pottage garden element to this one, I noted the odd vegetable slotted in with the general garden.

The veggie garden and back of the house, this is not the original house for the block that is a brick mansion next door, I would estimate this was built maybe 40-50's. The brick original would have been built 1800's I would think.

The side of the studio, it was built so well, I would have liked to have asked the owner if he built it but it was getting crowded at the entrance as we left so no opportunity to do so.

How cool would this be on a hot day? There was a nice wood heater in there for our more usual cold weather here.

Simple, elegant and stylish what's more most likely built with left over slate from the studio - love it!

This was out the front travelling up the drive, my fine friend had moved on to crutches by then we should have stopped here to give her some breath back!

 Beautiful friend to greet us out the back, my guess a Lilac Burmese but I am no cat expert.  The other cat was locked indoors a fine looking Chocolate point. My son adored this fellow.

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  1. That was a beautiful place, I could have moved in tomorrow. Loved the Studio!!! Loved the cats and loved the seat. I LOVE seeing other gardens.