Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Garden - No. 4 - The old curiosity house

Well curious this place certainly is and now just looking at houses with my middle child  as we had dropped our friend off and lucky too as the terain here was narrow steep and in no way could be negotiated with crutches or a wheelchair!

The old curiosity house was started in around 1863 by a man who really liked to stick shells, crockery and all sorts of stuff onto his home,  it's interesting and very different to anything I've ever seen in my life!!

This is so me!!!

This not so much....but colourful!

This one reminded me of a friends poppies.

This sort of stuff everywhere.  No tv or good books back in the day!

Lovely! Simple.

I want one of these for a special area in my garden.  I want to be crafty enough to make it! I want the impossible!! I like a challenge.   :)

The side of the house, pretty much all looks like this.   

Tin hearts, my heart feels a bit tinny today in fact!

Buzzy buzzzy!

New shoes anyone??

Of course you shall need a matching bag....

Hold tight because I have saved the best for last.....stayed tuned for garden number 5. A stunner!


  1. So glad you went to this one Sue, and took lots of photos. If this one is open next year I'm going. I've done some mosaic, and it's really fun. Perhaps we could do some together as a project.

    1. Oh yes please that would be awesome! Yes I'm glad I went but wait until you see the next one, my pictures won't do it justice really,