Saturday, October 26, 2013

Open Gardens - Lake gardens - garden 1.

This week our town hosted 5 open gardens.  I went to a few on the first day then the rest the following day.  I went with a friend and took my middle child, he loved it! I have gained so much inspiration from these wonderful, peaceful and serene places. Hope you enjoy the pictures...

This beautiful garden in Lake Gardens was very orderly and neat on a small block with some gorgeous artwork and glass pieces made by the owners son, for a look at this clever mans work visit; he a glass artist and his work is one of a kind spectacular.


  1. I was amazed how they fit so mch into their small block. Thanks for a lovely day...looking forward to to seeing pics of the ones I missed

    1. I hope you don't mind that your in one......getting there, I took so many pictures, I got out in my garden today, it pales in comparison to the ones I've seen, but in have an abundance of ideas now.