Sunday, October 27, 2013

Open Gardens - Garden 2

The next garden was actually at the Ballarat Special School and today at the 5th Garden, I met the designer of this special garden. Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps a nudge for me to get back to what I truly love and want to do more of.  She gave me her card....

My special friend who was wheelchair bound from a foot operation and this was her first venture out! I feared it would be too much and she would be tired.  I think we probably both had a nap when we got home, I did.....  :) My middle son did some wheelchair pushing he will have some muscles now, good for him I think! And my special friend taught him a new thumb game at lunch and gave him a cutting of a plant for his little lolly tin. He couldn't wait to plant it up. 

This area had 2 large Daphne plants, guess who wants to return in Winter to work the olfactory muscles?? I love the red and green Maples though the contrast together is awesome.

 We couldn't quite get the wheelchair in this area, lovely new part of the gardens.

Statice, very vibrant!

This garden took us awhile to get around, there was a cafe in the complex and we needed sustenance!
So folks if you are looking for an excellent cafe with delicious food, cakes, slices and coffee look no further than The Special School, Gillies Street, Lake Gardens, next to the high school.  They serve coffee and cake weekdays between 10-2pm. Food was spectacular! And on to the next garden....

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