Saturday, March 1, 2014

Positives and surprises

Today my middle son had his birthday party it was a day of celebrations but a day I felt torn apart too.  My son is 11 and had a girlfriend incredible I know, she dumped him earlier this week and did not arrive at his party even though now they are "just friends" I was torn because I felt bad that she was sad when he was not at all effected, because he didn't give her the cuddles she needed and worried that had I brought up an emotionally stunted boy unable to show a caring side. I was sure I hadn't as this was a child who got up super early to raid the yard on Valentines day for the perfect rose for his girl. But he seemed so I effected by the break up.

Then he told me "Mum, I wanted to break up with her months ago, I felt too young to be in a relationship, I didn't break up with her though because I didn't want to make her sad and hurt her feelings". And my heat sung, I knew he was a special and caring boy. 

This is my special boy playing bubble soccer.

His cake, won't be 12 for a few days yet though.

Such fun was had.

I think this quote sums up how this child feels about life.

This is the quote I need right now, I struggle with change.  I struggle with my boys growing up. I don't want them to be hurt.  Ever.

This is relevant to my career, had I not had this middle child and been shown the way to bond to him, I would not be a massage therapist.

This child reminds me of this often when I get overwhelmed with the enormity of my dreams and goals, he makes it all simple for me and gets me back into focus.  I don't so much care for success in monitory terms, but I want to change so much in so many places. 

This is to make you laugh, it made me laugh, Monty of course jumped into all the birthday bags.  


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy...wish my challenge had a heart like him

    1. Maybe he does but just isn't sure how to show it. I really had to dig deep yesterday to hear he didn't break up as not to hurt feelings. I think perhaps to the girlfriend he is totally unfeeling. Never mind too young for girlfriend at 12!

  2. Beautiful Monty, now I know where he comes from! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are so lucky to have a family of boys, especially with one keen on growing things. That will bring him a lifetime of joy! I wonder what Salvias you planted. I always seem to plant things too close together. I find it hard to gauge when the ground is always looks a lot bigger.