Monday, March 24, 2014

The Harvest Festival.

On the weekend the eldest and youngest child and myself visited the harvest festival at the local community gardens, there was a fair across the road selling excellent second hand books, I got a great slices book for school lunches and also 6 novels for the kids, a bargain at $2 per book.

Then over to the market where after a 5 minutes of looking around a professional photographer came up and asked if we minded being used in a photo shoot for the sustainability departments photo library. Of course we didn't! Eldest quickly warmed to the idea of being a model and youngest strutted his stuff with no problem at all, I cannot wait to see the final pictures!  I was used for a few pictures but quickly disgarded my modelling looks are long gone, the kids made fantastic models and as the photographer set them up I quickly took some shots too on the iPad.

How loving, particularly as these two cannot stand each other!

Assume the farmer pose eldest.

Cute little scarecrow.

I might try growing some of this next season - Eggplant.

This would have been lovely without the hayband. Great idea though, I love rusty things.

Later that evening, someone not used as a model had his favorite pet snuggling up for a book.

Even later as all the kids slept that same pet crept out to sit by me legs up, paws out sound asleep and relaxed!


  1. Hi Sue

    I came by way of the Simple Living Forum. Lovely garden. Wish I could get mine just as organised and prolific. Love the cat pic.
    Damaria at

  2. That garden looks lovely and your boys look like naturals! Hope you got some great ideas. Eggplants are really easy to grow but don't touch them, they're very prickly.

  3. I love that pet too! The garden looked great. Wish I went now!

  4. Hi Sue,
    thanks for your comment on my blog about Ken's orange ute! I'm admiring your photos here - they are stunning! The colours are absolutely gorgeous, I doubt if my camera could get those effects, but I never use it to it's full extent, so I don't really know. Love these photos of your kitty - so sweet with little paw over your son's arm:-)