Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pottering around the garden

A beautiful Autumn day today and we all got out into the garden and did projects, wonderful to be enjoying the sun and getting things done!

This was an old bench seat that my eldest child stood on and snapped a couple of pieces of the wood. It sat waiting for a long time....

So hubby and middle child got busy a fixing, it took a while and a trip to Bunnings was in order but they got there in the end.

All stained and finished the metal work had been painted too.  I love it when we can repair and reuse!

My youngest son sat and read the phone book.  Seriously. Not so much of a worker but he does love morning tea time.

My eldest son helped me rake out and gather some leaves and bunny poo for the compost, we also cleaned the rabbit hutches out and forgot to lock one with in 10 seconds the bucks were fighting and Monty the kitten out for play scampered quick smart!

After much looking we found him hiding in the sun in my herb garden.  He caught a mouse while I was cleaning those rabbit pens but I swear the mouse virtually had to tap him on the nose before he saw it. Then he played with it for a bit and it got away!!!

My Dad brought me these pots at Christmas, so time for a trip of my own to Bunnings to buy plants for some more greenery. We brought lots of flower seeds too.

We tidied up the potting area.

Neatened things up - cats in the background trying to get through the gate to photobomb the picture!

Jordan's potting bench.

Some plants he's potted up.  I really love that one of my children loves gardening.  Some people want Lawyers and Doctors for their children's future I feel a successful parent just to have a kid that wants to grow food and appreciate nature and gardening.  Makes me happy. They need to be kind and love animals too.  Then I've done my job as a parent when they get all that. So far so good!

This is an old wood stove door, we found it on the property years ago while cleaning up, we planted some Sweet Pea's in behind it so I think the effect will be nice as they grow through the opened part. I'm having trouble convicting the family it WILL look arty but I just love it sitting there now regardless!

We popped into school, did a quick water and brought home some wood that was a bit unsightly and unwanted so we could re-use to keep us warm in Winter then stacked it, by this time I needed to bribe kids with Chocolate.

My beautiful potted Magnolia, the scent is divine! First time I have had brilliant flowers.

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