Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cooking with class - Zucchini Meatloaf/Choc Drop Oat Cookies and Thai Sausage Rolls

I have been a bit slack of late with my cooking with class cooking!  So I have made these over the past few weeks, all very nice although I didn't have a "terrine" for the Zucchini Meatloaf or in fact even know what one was so I used a square ceramic dish and then it all fell apart when I dishes up because I was a little over zealous with the Zucchini I added - kids loved it though!

Thai sausage rolls

Very tasty, these went fast and I forgot to photo on the night so had to use next days left over rolls to picture.

Choc drop oat cookies - second attempt the first lot I put too close together and it was all one big mess, best cookies ever - kids loved these.

Yes it looks a bit like a dogs dinner - I didn't enjoy the taste so much, but I was too happy with the Zucchini I think.  

I am possibly close to worlds worst cook though! 


  1. No that would be me! My husband says my food tastes like I would prefer to be in the garden! Luckily he is a fab cook and loves doing it! Unfortunately he has gone to work at the mine and is only home on the weekend so I have been forced to eat my own cooking for a few weeks now. I will get better...surely, with practice... On the up side there are way less dishes to wash!

    1. It's surprising how many gardeners I know who would much rather be in the garden than cooking....I think I would lose a lot of weight if I always had to cook, I'm lucky my hubby enjoys taking over the cooking 70% of the time too.