Saturday, March 15, 2014

Around the garden In Autumn.

We have had a huge weekend around the garden here as we are lopping a 25 metre tree hubby and the boys have been on the cherry picker trying to get it all done in the 2 days we have the equipment for.  So I have pottered around weeding and planting seeds, and dodging flying branches as I do so.

Another beautiful Magnolia shot, seem to only get one flower at a time on this bush.

Eldest child's Fuschia garden.

I am getting lots of large Peaches but not going very Peach coloured as yet.

Eldest child's propagation area.

It's hard to get an idea how messy this shed was as I didn't take a before shot, I have removed 6 chaff bags of rubbish though, you couldn't walk in it prior so finally I have a workable garden shed.

All my tools hanging nicely.

Added some more Salvia's to this bed and mulched it.

Stay tuned as I have planted out some flower seeds in the hothouses, we have Calendula's Pansy's, Hollyhocks and Delphiniums. Should have a pretty garden in Spring!

My monster Pumpkin, grown from seed!

Fridays harvest, had to give away a lot to friends.


  1. All looking good...makes me want to garden! I will take some photos tomorrow of my new benches in the nursery. Thanks for the zucs

  2. Looking very good. Thanks for sharing.
    Damaria at

  3. What a nice job your eldest is doing with their growing! Your peaches look great too.