Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The end of my beautiful gum.

Over the weekend hubby took on the challenge of chopping down a 30 metre tree.  It was hard work and he hired a cherry picker to cut the branches, it broke my heart to cut it but the base was 80% rotten and the larger branches were occasionally falling.

The house is two story so you can imagine the height and it's the tree at the rear.

He has started the pruning but this was the view from my bedroom window.  I had Magpie neighbours, their lovely chortle would wake me each day.

The cherry picker and hubby swaying about.

About half down.

My backyard.

Now we have to mulch the lot! Still more tree to come down, we ran out of time and the rest shall be done this weekend, I have plans for a dry creek garden bed plan for the mulch, very excited!

Amazingly it all missed crushing eldest child's Fucshias, sadly int he first 10 minutes of lopping my solar light was crushed beyond recognition.   I will miss this tree.   On the upside my clothesline that has been in the shade from 2pm everyday is in sunlight ALL day now!  The neighbours are a bit sad as their shade is gone too. It really will change the whole dynamics of my rear garden. The gutters will no longer get as clogged and I shall not have to rake 20 barrows of leaves each Summer as the tree gets more stressed. I am hoping the Maggie's move over to the next tree.