Saturday, March 29, 2014

Melbourne International Garden show - part one displays.

Yesterday I went to the Melbourne garden show with my eldest son and a friend, we caught the train and were all (bar the teen) first time novices at using the MYKI train system.  Now I know I can do it I think I will be off to Melbourne more often!  I dislike driving so the train is bliss! Although not so much the metro train, but the trip from Ballarat is awesome. Nice scenery and not too long.  I will do this in 2 parts so firstly we have the garden displays.

Bit of a native feel here, this wasn't my favorite although I guess it's do-able at home.

Same garden, I do like the pond though.

This I liked, the sound of the water early on in the show was relaxing, later on too many people to hear it!

I would like one of these, very pricey though the rustic bowls...we also saw one of these bowls mass planted with succulents, very nice.

Interesting but not practical for me.

Love this swing, then I noticed the bath!

I think it's more a water feature than useable but not positive on that.  Very nice though.

I believe this won a prize, it was very crowded by the time we got here and I really just had to hand the iPad mini to the teen to get above everyone's heads for a picture.

This was one of my favorites, the hand made wooden bench went well with all the colours.

Very simple, my style.

Look who I found from Better Homes....I was VERY excited.

The teen was keen for a pic too, bit no embracing for him, Jason suggested the manly arm fold.  I went in for the hug again though, no inhibitions from me.

Lovely lights.

Really wishing I had moved those brochures....

It smelt delightful in this section.

The Basin Primary Schools winning entry, although it came second it was better than the first for ingenuity.  

I do wish I was arty and could achieve something this good!

Stay tuned for part 2 - the flowers.

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