Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Veggie Garden

I thought I would write up what I have planted this year and what seems to be going well.

I have in the western most bed 2 very large pumpkin plants and a gold zucchini plant that are doing really well, Ivé just added all the rabbit mulch (the rabbit poo and straw) to that bed as a mulch to give it and added boost. I also put a row of corn behind and in front of the plants but I grew this from seed and the seedlings are tiny so time will tell if they do ok this season.

In the next bed I have planted rocket, Japanese Turnip and radish from seed and they are doing really well, probably ready to be pricked out to create some space and there are also lettuce and carrots in there.

The next bed has some lettuce and silver beet, carrots and more lettuce that is nearly at the end of it's time and I am mostly just using it for the bunnies feed now.

In the old horse trough Ivé planted celery and lettuce and they are doing ok but we did lose some seedling as it was so hot so I should add some more lettuce in there next time it's right to plant leafy veggie which is in the new moon to first quarter cycle starting on the 15th January.

I have 3 Styrofoam containers of strawberries that are doing really well leaf wise but some of the fruit looks a little odd not sure what is happening there. The bed to the front of the chicken shed has a blueberry bush in there, elderberry bush and some lettuce along with oregano, and planters above it of cress, coriander and white mustard.

I have 2 small wine barrels from Bunnings with tomatoes in them and I am getting loads of tomatoes I also have sweet basil for the companion side of gardening as it grows so well with tomato.

I have some lettuces in with my Pineapple Guava tree and they are doing brilliantly I think because they are getting more shade than the other lettuces and that seems to be really important with this severe heat we are getting at the moment. It's funny 20 years ago veggies had to have the mandatory 5-8 hours of Sun and now with the climate all messed up we are having to provide shade for them.

Then in the flower beds I have some nasturtians doing well which I must add to some salads and about 6 zucchini plants some doing well others a bit slow.

From the 15 to the 23 of January it is the new moon to first quarter and it's time to plant fruit crops, beans, flower annuals, lettuce, spinach brassica's and if your wanting to increase the growth mow the lawns now.

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  1. Wow these look great. I keep buying magazines “step by step guilds” not very good I need
    1. Mix x amount of dirt with x amount of potting mix…” do you use potting mix, ah see that is where I’m at. I have a few pots with herbs my tomatoes plants are all but gone. But still I want to know how to grow our own food.