Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pottage Garden

A traditional pottage garden was done to save space years ago when land owners didn't have the space for a sectioned off area for fruit trees and veggie gardens. These days blocks are getting smaller with some blacks on new estates being only
350m2 in size! So it can make sense to go back to gardening in this way.

I am living on 3 1/4's of an acre so while pottaging isn't really necessary I did find myself in the position of running out of space for my zucchini plants I had grown from seed.

I have some photo's here of the zucchinis planted in with a flower bed I have near my clothesline. I have also planted a Fejoa (Pineapple Guava) up in a cement look alike wine barrel and added some lettuce seedlings to that and dotted through the entire garden we Nasturtian plants, I like to eat the leaves and keep the plants for medicinal reasons the leaves are potent antibiotics and they will also be very beneficial for the bunnies and chickens too.

On a sadder not a few days ago we lost our beloved Remy our little baby blue mini lop rabbit - RIP sweet girl.

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