Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Fruit Trees

Well this year has been a good one for fruit for us although I did have more Apricots on last years trees but they say they put one year into growing and the next into fruiting. So one hasn't got any fruit and we harvested about 20 Apricots from the older tree.

There is nothing like the taste of home grown fruit and nothing more that I enjoy than picking the fruit from our paddock before the birds get a chance to eat the lot!

We didn't put nets up this year the trees are starting to get too big and it's such a huge job with so may trees. I think I managed to get the lot with only 1 Apricot that had been slightly pecked at but the plum tree with be the tricky one as some years we watch patiently as the fruit ripens and takes on that purple hue only to come out the next day and the entire tree has been picked clean!

Anyway I have two full tree of plums this year and they should be ready sometime in February, two gala apple trees that are just about touching the ground they are so heavy with fruit. A sad nectarine that is recovering from a previous years bout of leaf curl and another that has a good 30 nectarines on it. Haven't seen any pears on the pear tree as yet, and the fig is way too small for fruit yet.
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